Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Today was my second morning at pre-school. Mummy was worried that because I knew what was coming I might not want to go, but I did. When I got there today, I was SO excited to see that they had the firetrucks out! I went straight over to them. When Mummy said she was leaving I didn't even want to stop to say 'Goodbye'.

When Mummy came to pick me up I gave her the picture I'd made - a HUGE picture of a rabbit! It's on Nana's wall at the moment, but Mummy said you'd probably love it for your wall. So she might send it to you, although I dubious as I did send you my parrot picture and I'm not sure that Ive seen it on your wall yet, so we'll have to see!

My caterpillars came yesterday, Mummy sent off for them a couple of weeks ago and they arrived! They come as tiny baby caterpillars in a pot with their food. They gradually grow into BIG fat caterpillars and then each form a chrysalis. They come with a proper 'cage' for them to live in! I can't wait to watch them grow and change into butterflies. We can get some more when you come back, as I'm pretty sure you'd really love to see them too!

Mummy has been dressing little Molly up, here she is:

We all miss you very much Daddy,

Love Sam xxx

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