Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Today, I was supposed to stay for lunch at school but Mummy is a sieve head and forgot to pack me a lunch, so I didn't stay today. So I got picked up at 12pm, but that's OK. I didnt mind (much). While I was at school we did lots of work all about light and dark as we are talking about hibernation and what animals do in the winter. Here is my 'Light and dark' picture. I drew a big sun for my 'light' picture! Hope you like it. Mummy thought it was a dog, but she isn't all there, so I dont value her opinion really. You can see it's a sun?! RIGHT?!

This evening, at bedtime, I fell off of the bed and got a bloody nose. I managed to wipe blood all over Mummy!

It's OK now though, but I might have a bruise.

Love Sam xxx

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