Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Today school was fun again. I did wee my pants - BIG STYLE. It even went into my shoes. They changed me into the spare shorts that Mummy keeps for me in my backpack but I had to borrow some spare shoes from the playgroup spare shoes store. Nevermind though, accidents happen, right? After school we went back to Nana's house and then to Scotsdales plant nursery.

At bedtime I did ask Mummy why 'my Daddy had gone away and left me' I don't know, I suppose im just a bit confused today and it feels like a long time since I have seen you. Hopefully when you get off of mid-shift we can have a bedtime Skype session! That would be good!

The video shows Molly and me this evening, we have such fun at bedtimes. I am able to make her laugh a big belly laugh! Hope you enjoy it.

Love Sam xxx

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