Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 Dear Daddy,

Today I started pre-school. I was SO excited! Mummy and Molly took me and we got there super early. Mummy showed me my 'peg' which they had labelled with my name tag. That's where I hang my stuff. When one of my teachers opened the door I ran straight in. I couldn't believe the amount toys they had. There was no hanging onto mummy for me. I was OFF! First I found a toy vacuum that actually switched on! So that was cool! Then...I saw they had a whole box full of choo-choo's! That was it. I didn't care if Mummy was there or not after that! That's when Mummy left and I didn't care!

I had a wonderful time. I kept my pants dry too (which Mummy was worried about!) next week I start staying for lunch so I get used to eating with lots of other children around. 
Here I am before we left home this morning - with my safety glasses on of course!

When Mummy came to get me, I went with Nana to go home with her and have a 'rest' (we made muffins) and Mummy, Harriet and Molly went to the base to get some things and to mail you some surprises! Mummy said that while I was gone Molly had all her attention, and she was so happy that she didn't have to share her baby and pram with me for the whole morning!

I really wish that you could have been there today Daddy, some other Daddys were there and it was sad that you were so far away. When you come back you will be able to see my school then though, won't you?

Love Sam xxx

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