Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Daddy,

I have had a lovely weekend! Yesterday I went to Little Shelford fete and I went on a bouncy castle for the 1st time. It was SO fun! I also won a coconut on the coconut shy, decorated a biscuit and collected conkers. We then had dinner at Nana's house! Today, we had a small party for George's 'Baby group' and lots of people came over to play. It was a nice day and we all played outside and ate nice food. I had so many friends to play with. One of my friends bought his actual motorbike, and I was SO excited I had a go on it. Grandad helped me balance and we raced along!

Here is me at the fete yesterday, I went in the Hyrdospheres. Mummy was a bit surprised as they pump the air in with a really noisy pump, but I LOVED it! I was the smallest child that went on there, but I didn't care as I'm just really brave!

Miss you SO much Daddy :(

Love Sam xxx

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