Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Daddy,

I haven't seen you for over a week now, that makes me sad. On Wednesday we went to the air museum in Duxofrd after school. There were lots of US army people there on a visit in uniform. I got a bit confused as there were planes AND people in uniform, so I asked Mummy if you were there, but she said 'no'. That's OK though, I just hoped I might be right.

I have been a good boy at school and have been really enjoying myself there. This week I have made LOTS of things. I made a snake as we were doing all about the letter 'S' and I was able to tell my teacher that 'Sam' started with an 'S'. I also made a HUGE painting and told everyone I painted it with my own blood. Mummy told me that I probably shouldn't say that as it's a bit of a strange thing to say and anyway, I don't have green and brown blood.

Molly is OK. She is off her food again, so Mummy wonders if she might be teething, or just being 'plain old Molly' who doesn't really like food that much. Who knows.

Here she is with Nana's sunglasses on last night (we went to the base after school and then back to Nana's for tea).

I love you Daddy and we all miss you very much.

Love Sam xxx

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