Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Daddy,

You know how I hate drawing and writing? well today Mummy bribed me with M&M's and you also know how I will do pretty much anything for a 'weestie'. So, with the help of dots I wrote my name and practiced doing 'S's. I think I did very well for a 1st try. Im hopefully going to know all of my letters and be able to write my name before I go to pre-school on the 7th of September!

It's been a really nice day here again. Lots of sunshine! We played outside and Molly went in the wheelbarrow with uncle George! We also went to look down at the river to check and see if there were lots of fish in there. Mummy also took me to 'Scotsdale's' nursery and we looked at all their fish there too. They had LOADS! I even fed the huge Koi!  Here is a picture of Molly and uncle George!

Love Sam xxx

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