Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Yesterday Mummy went to Ikea for a few hours and Grandad looked after me and Molly. It was really fun. We played with the play dough and made snails and played outside a lot. He even cooked us lunch. I was a really good boy and Molly was even good too.

Today Mummy took Molly and I to Great Grandma Jenny's house and we took her shopping on the base! she loved it - she even ate her first Charlies Sub!

Molly has 4 teeth now, the fourth one popped through 2ish days ago!

Mummy said that you couldn't talk to us tonight as you were too drunk. Good thing Mummy doesn't do that!

Here are George and I this evening playing in our cars. I had a broken lip as Lola bashed into me really hard as I carried my sticks and blood went down my white 'turtle' t-shirt that you got for me :( nevermind, it's ok now.

Love Sam xxx

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