Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Daddy,

This weekend we went to see Grandad and Nana Jo on Sunday. I stayed with Grandad while Mummy took Molly to Spotted Giraffe play barn for a baby party. I helped him make the concrete and pour it to make a new floor. I was VERY good boy. Yesterday it was Bank Holiday Monday and we went for a walk in Santom Downham. Gradad, Jo and George came too! After that we went to play at Thomas' house.

Today I went to school and I was very good as always. My teacher told Mummy how I am such a kind boy.

Molly has started using lots of words. She doesnt call me 'Maa' anymore. She now calls me 'Sham'. Here we are eating icecream. I was very sneaky and got it down myself from the freezer and helped Molly eat some. Mummy found us and took a photo!!

Love Sam xxx

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