Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Daddy,

Sorry that we havent been good at updating this. Our internet has been VERY rubbish and we've also been very busy. When im not at school im usually on a playdate with Thomas, or Kai and Sienna.

Molly has been saying lots and lots of new words and using the potty a lot. She keeps telling me 'Daddy gone' but I already know that.

My behaviour hasn't been very good lately. Mummy thinks that ive turned into a drama queen since turning four. I think that maybe I actually AM a drama queen. I like to take forever to get my shoes on when we leave the house, I often like to cry and protest.

Here is me and Molly yesterday - in our dressing up clothes. Sienna gave Molly her fairy dress.

We miss you Daddy

Love Sam xxx

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