Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear Daddy,

This week has been rainy - again! the river near Grandads is REALLY high and a bit overflowing! I have had a good week at school and before school on Thursday I got to play with Sienna Faye - I REALLY like her! ;-)

On Thursday afternoon I went to the doctors on base to check I didn't have a UTI. It was rubbish and took 45minutes. Mummy was getting VERY frustrated.

Last night, after school, we went all the way over to Granddad's to George's party! There were lots of people for me to play with and I ate jelly and cake for dinner!

 Here is mama and Molly!

Here we are with the bricks AGAIN! Mummy ordered me some new ones from the Internet! I have SO many now. Id still really like the firetruck set though. Molly is playing with the new stroller that Jodie, Sienna and Kai got her for her birthday! She LOVES it.

We have all really missed you this week Daddy as we haven't been able to speak to you very often! :(

Love Sam xxx

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