Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Daddy,

Mummy is getting so worn out. Molly is still poorly and was up lots last night. Here she is...look at all that SNOT! Mummy says she has sore gums too as she says 'owww my teeeef' a LOT!

 Here is Mummy and Molly - Molly and me might also have Pink Eye again, Mummy hasn't decided if we do or not yet.

Today it was Mothering Sunday here. Mummy and me and Molly went to the BX and got a card for Nana, then to the commissary to get some flowers too. We then drove all the way over to Nana's again and I fell asleep in the car and pee'd my pants - so now my car seat smells of wee and Mummy was cross as I had told her I didnt need to go when we 1st got in the car.

We stayed at Nana's all day and had a big lunch, it was fun. I got to play with Jimmy again, we did puzzles and he got his trains out again!

Can you remember what I look like Daddy? It's been SO long since we have Skyped.

Love Sam xxx

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