Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Yesterday we my last day at pre-school, we had a Christmas party, it was really fun. Mummy stayed to help (Nana had Molly). She danced with me and my friends and helped serve everyone food. I ate loads of sausages and ham sandwiches. I know you saw my special Christmas hat - it was the only one that had a snowman with a huge frown and my snowman was even wearing 7 hats (just the way I like them to look). This weekend Harriet is staying with us. Today it was SO cold (yesterday it even snowed a little). We went shopping and then played at home. Mummy found even more of our bath toys in a box in the garage, so Molly and I were able to use our bath crayons to graffiti the bath tub.

Love Sam xxx

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