Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Daddy,

It's getting really cold here! Today we went into Mildenhall town to see what was there. It was a bit disappointing. Mummy said it was rubbish and that you wouldn't be impressed. We walked around some shops and Mummy got me my own pair of scissors as at the moment Im really into chopping up paper into tiny pieces and scattering them all over the carpet.

As a treat Mummy and Harriet took Molly and I to the park. It IS a rubbish town, but it does have a really good park to play in. It's really big and has lots of cool things to play on. The photo shows Molly and I on the huge round swing! Molly LOVED it!

Molly also went down a big slide that had humps in it. She thought it was really funny!

Love Sam  xxx

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