Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Daddy,

We really missed you today! We had a lovely Christmas day! Santa came, he even left snowy footprints across the living room floor at Grandad's. I got so many nice things - lots of books, a bike, a helmet and bell for my bike, chocolate, Octonaut figures (I'll let you watch that show when you're home!!) a remote control lizard, pyjamas, a Leap Pad Explorer with a camera attached, 2 colouring books, pencils and lots more!

Molly got a doll and a matching cot, chocolate, pyjamas, clothes, books, a mini kitchen, a new plate for her dinner, a slinky, a bike, a magic light up jar, hair clips! 

We're SO lucky!

We had a nice lunch with a ham and lots of vegetables, afterwards we ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

This afternoon we went up to see Great Granny and had tea there with Nana, David, Harriet, Sarah, Rebecca and everyone!

Love Sam xxx

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