Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Daddy,

sorry for missing so many days. We have been busy! I have had a hard week. I suddenly became very tearful and upset. I cried a LOT at school. I miss you SO much and I'm so confused about why you left me. I have become very worried that Mummy is going to leave me too, that's why I get upset at school. Mummy has been very sad. It hurts her heart to see me so sad.

Anyway, on Friday Nana picked me up from school because Mummy and Molly went to sign a new contract for our new house! I'm SO excited to get our own house! We get the keys on Tuesday and will hopefully be sleeping there on Friday or Saturday night!

Today its Guy Fawkes night, everyone has fireworks! We had our own bonfire and watched other peoples fireworks from the meadow!

Love Sam xxx

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