Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Today we went to a BBQ at Andrews house. I always love these as there are always lots of other children to play with! Mummy got me a new outfit to wear with some of the money that Grandpa Brown sent us - so, if you look at the photo (in which Molly looks very unimpressed) you can see my new shirt and new jeans (that are a tiny bit too long!) I think my new clothes impressed the ladies as I was able to hold hands with my new girlfriend Mable!

Yesterday we went to the zoo it was really fun! I saw so many animals. There was a big tiger, a mountain lion and meerkats. I stroked a rabbit and saw two otters really close up. Grandad took me into the creepy-crawly room and we saw huge spiders and beetles!  

Love Sam xxx

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