Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Today we stayed at home for the most part. Shannon came to play and we went to the doctors so Molly and I could get some vaccinations. I havent had any for a LONG time. I was 14months when I got my last ones. I finally got my MMR as Mummy was concerned about the many cases of measles in this country and me starting pre-school. Molly also got the MMR as Mummy was worried about the germs Id bring home. I didn't cry at all. I didnt even flinch. I LOVED it! I was really impressed that I got a 'blaster' (aka 'plaster' aka 'bandaid') AND two stickers! Molly cried, but only a little bit. We missed talking to you today. I heard you worked a long day. I hope you had a good sleep.

Love Sam xxx

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