Monday, August 29, 2011

Dear Daddy

Today we went to The country fair it was really fun! Like the fair we went to in Ohio, but MUCH smaller! I saw tractors, horses, dogs and even some bees in a hive. Mummy got me a huge cake to stop me from complaining. I did want to go on the giant carousel, but once Mummy took me on it and tried to put me on a horse I decided it was a stupid idea and that carousels are for the foolish. So I told her 'no!'. Molly and Mummy went on though and Molly absolutely loved it!

Molly has started climbing - EVERYTHING! She tries to get onto any chair that doesnt have someone sitting on it and with Grandads kitchen floor being made from stone it's a bit concerning. She even climbed onto the kitchen table today and stood up!

Here she is (well, the top of her head) playing with uncle George (who also LOVES climbing!) and yes, he has a plug socket cover in his mouth!

Love Sam xxx

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