Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Daddy,

I thought the link might make you smile - like a 'cheese stick' I now know LOADS of the words. I sing it to mummy!! 'putting bottles on the ice, like a a cheesestick' I like to sing it over and over actually. I also like to sing 'P!NK' and will sing 'right right turn out the light, we gonna lose our minds tonight, what's the deal yo?!' No one can say im not cultured Daddy!

Today I have come to the conclusion that you live in the computer! so that's what im sticking with for now as when I see you, that's where you always are! I wish you would stop living in there and come and live here with me! The bedtime routine isn't quite the same without you winding me up into an insane frenzy!

So, Daddy - today we played at home. Nana Ann popped over and helped me build my train track!

I miss you Daddy...a LOT xxx

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