Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Today we spent the day with Nana Ann. We went to a nursery (a plant nursery) but it had a play area which was SO fun - I even did a wee in it for good measure! This meant that Mummy had to take my wet trousers off and my wet underwear and thankfully she had a spare pair of my underwear in her bag - but no dry trousers. So I got to go around the rest of the nursery in my underwear! it was really fun! We went back to Nana's house and I played with Harriet and Ryan. We played choo-choos and I got a bubble gun which made bubbles ALL over the garden! I wish you could have been there!!

This picture is actually from yesterday but I thought it would make you smile. It shows a point when Mummy was in high demand with two babies hanging on her legs, both wanting to be picked up!

I miss you Daddy.

Love Sam xxx

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