Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Daddy,

Sorry I haven't written for 2 days but I was so sick. Really sick. I ended up having to go to the doctors as I was just throwing up EVERY.THING Mummy gave me and I hadn't eaten for 4 days. The doctor was very nice and she said I didn't have anything wrong with me except a virus. She said I had 12hrs to stop being sick or I would have to go to hospital to get some fluids. Luckily my tummy heard her and stopped making me sick! Yesterday I felt much better and I was able to drink lots of water. I even went out with Nana Ann and we went to the toy shop and I got a playdough factory thing AND we went to look at motorcycles with Dave (but I like to call him 'Bobby' instead!!)

I have a pre-school visit organised for the 11th of July. Im so sad that you wont be able to come too :(

Here is a picture of Molly snuggled up with Lola! Molly is feeling much better too and she even ate some breakfast this morning! 

I love you Daddy

Love from Sam xxx

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