Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Daddy,

Sorry it's been a while we've all been poorly. I have had a tickly cough and a runny nose and so has Molly. Mummy had strep throat and she is now taking antibiotics!

It's Easter Holidays from school now - so no school for me until the 16th of April!! On Saturday we went to the Easter Fete at Thomas' school and I won a big chocolate egg for hitting a pretend rat as it came out of a tube! I also got given a big egg my school - so on Easter Sunday I will have LOTS of chocolate to eat!!

Today we went with Nana Jo and George to the High Lodge Forest Centre just up the road in Thetford. It was REALLY cool! We should go there when you come back! Lots of trees, lots of pine cones and we even had a picnic in a field!

Here we are!! Wish you could have been there! ♥

Love Sam xxx

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