Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Daddy,

It's Sunday and on Thursday we dropped you off at Heathrow after an amazing month together. It was the best thing ever to have you home. Mummy had been telling me that you were coming home, that you hadn't flown away on a broken plane to leave us forever....and you DID!! you came home and it was my favouritest thing ever in the world!

After we dropped you back at Heathrow I kept shouting for you in the car. Mummy told me it was dangerous for me to scream as she negotiated the busy M25, but I did it anyway. I wanted to be 100% sure you weren't just hiding in the footwell of the passenger seat, upfront.

Ive been a bit confused again since Thursday. I ask Mummy at least once a day 'where's Daddy' and every time she tells me that you're 'in Korea, back at work fixing broken planes and that you'll be home again soon'

Anyway, I miss you Daddy, I sniff your pillowcase when I want to remember you...

Here is Molly this afternoon - on a post-nap, pre-dinner breakdown. She tells everyone 'Daddy bite'

Love Sam xxx

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