Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Daddy,

Yesterday Molly and I went with Mummy to Cambridge and picked up lots of things that you love so you can be all relaxed when you come home! We got you lots and lots of bath bombs!!

Today we went shopping - which I HATE and then we came home to wait for Grandad and Nana Jo to come over. We did lots of playing with George while Mummy and Grandad carried more furniture in and unpacked EVEN MORE boxes! We're running out of room here. Mummy says it's because our Tucson house was so big...we accumulated a lot of rubbish!

For dinner we ordered Pizza, but as usual I didnt eat any. I dont like pizza, or pasta, or chicken, or beef, or vegetables, or fruit....

Here is me and Mummy!

Love Sam xxx

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