Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear Daddy,

It's been a good few days at school. Yesterday when Mummy picked me up I was in different clothes. My teacher told her how id blocked the sink up in the bathroom and drenched myself in water. I found it very fun, but Mummy says it was 'very naughty'. 

Today Mummy picked me up early from school. I was NOT happy about this. I cried and cried as I had to leave my friends. I HATE it when she picks me up early! We went to the base for Mummy to see the dentist. It was VERY boring and me and Molly had to wait in the car with Nana for over an hour - Ugh! BORING!

Here is Molly yesterday in my old Halloween outfit. It's too small for me now, but Molly likes it!

Love Sam xxx

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