Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This blog is for no one and everyone, it is for anyone interested enough to read about the mundanities of our lives without Bryan. It is for anyone that can empathise with me, anyone who might have suggestions that make living without their husband for a year more bearable but mostly, it's for Bryan. For when the days are long and lonely and he is wondering what we are up to, for days when the time difference and miles between us cause physical pain, for the days when he aches to hold his babies, for the times he misses 1st words, 1st days at pre-school, 1st steps, birthdays, Christmases- he can log onto this Blog and hopefully it will warm his heart and make him feel that tiny bit closer to the most important people in his life.

So, the count down to Daddy leaving has begun. The official 365 minus 1has yet to commence but we are preparing, waiting, planning.

We have filled in countless AirForce forms, and jumped through the numerous hoops that the air force provides in order to do simple things like get me home to my family.

I love the US, and even though the heat in Arizona is too much for me I have secretly come to love this place. I came here completely dependant upon my family. I saw them all DAILY. I had babysitters whenever I needed them - my mum did my bloody housework for gods sake haha! I was surrounded by those that knew me and those that would do anything at anytime to help me. Then we came here - 6000 miles away and I was forced to grow up - quickly! Mummy was no longer there to help me wash the dishes or mop the floor. If Bryan and I wanted an evening out- tough luck our nearest family members were 3000 miles away in Ohio - not exactly close enough to 'pop over' and look after the children.

Being here has forced me out of my comfort zone NUMEROUS times. In true military spouse style I have had to take children to appointments, go to Ultrasounds alone, take children to the ER alone, learn to drive on the WRONG side of the road, struggle alone at home with a 7 week old and toddler while my husband is away but it has definitely made me into a stronger and more capable individual.

So...blah blah the countdown begins. I'm dreading the day at Tucson airport when I will board a plane with my two children and NOT my husband, I'm not looking forward to the 10 million 'where's Daddy's from Sam and I'm certainly NOT looking forward to a 2hr flight to Dallas, then a layover then a 9 hr flight to London with two children on my own...but im sure I will get over it....

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